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Matt MacPherson


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Matt MacPherson
Matt MacPhersonMaker@itsmattmac · Maker of Edabit
Edabit goes beyond teaching basic syntax and instead teaches its users how to *think like programmers* (problem solving). I started working on this project because I was frustrated with the fact that every resource aimed at teaching beginners how to code stopped after basic syntax. So there was this gap between knowing basic syntax and actually making stuff. Edabit is my attempt at solving that problem. Anyway, hope you enjoy playing around with it PH. Suggestions are always welcome! :)
Yuriy Shikhanovich
Yuriy Shikhanovich@uxiomatic · Developer, UXiomatic
@itsmattmac this is awesome. I'm def gonna use this in my Girls Who Code club. I was just making these up myself in repl.it, but that doesn't have automated testing of the solution. This is like a cross between that and khan academy. re: suggestions - you should probably add a way for people to submit their own. Awesome Job!
Matt MacPherson
Matt MacPhersonMaker@itsmattmac · Maker of Edabit
@uxiomatic Glad you're finding it useful! You can actually already publish your own challenges. When you're signed in, click the plus icon in the upper right corner and select "New Challenge". I made some documentation on creating simple test cases too: https://edabit.com/guide - and I would recommend creating a collection for use with your Girls Who Code club.
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@itsmattmac When are you planning to add more languages? Ruby, for example?
Matt MacPherson
Matt MacPhersonMaker@itsmattmac · Maker of Edabit
@faisal_hassanx I'm adding Ruby and PHP next. So, maybe a month or two. I like to roll out each language on its own to minimize / contain any bugs. Makes my job as the sole developer a lot simpler! :)
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@itsmattmac Sounds good. Thank you.
As someone new to development it's essential for interactive tools like this that allow instant feedback and the benefit of developing better typing muscle memory for coding. Great start I love the look and content thus far.
Ihecci Mercy
Ihecci Mercy@ihecci · Strit Solutions
Sounds really interesting...checking it out right away.