ecrett music

Royalty free music composer, powered by AI

ecrett music is an AI powered music composer.

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Hi everyone, we’re thrilled to be on Product Hunt! First off, thanks @joelandren for hunting ecrett :) ecrett music is an AI powered music composer. Here's what you will get from ecrett: 🤸🏻‍♂️Unlimited music creation and downloads ✨Over 2M combinations of music in ecrett 🌵500K+ new combinations are added monthly 👌License that covers personal and commercial projects 🧘🏽‍♀️Reasonable pricing   $5/month for individuals and small businesses (less than 10 team members)   $9.99/month for businesses (10 or more team members) You can create music from here (Sign up is not required to create music, but if you do, we can keep update you in the future!) We have some exciting ideas about where to go next - would love to hear yours! Background I am a dancer with a passion for music and previously founded SoundMoovz, a wearable that creates music as you move. It has been launched in over 17 countries with more than 400,000 units having been shipped to date. We then launched the beta version of Ecrett in December 2018 with a team comprised of composers, musicians, and engineers who have a passion for music.
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@joelandren @daigo_kusunoki Great product! Looking forward to uncovering what it can create 🎶
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@joelandren @lachlankirkwood Thank you for your positive comment! Pls enjoy ecrett music! 😃
This is great. I make short films in the 48 hour film contest and music is always tough to figure out in a short time frame.
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@pauldmendoza Thank you for your commment! I hope that ecrett would be so useful for you! :)
It’a a great product! Already use it. Did you planning to expand “scene” and “mood” lineups? What about bulk music generation?
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@dmitriy_kurilenko Thank you for your comment! We are planning to expand Scene and Mood. I hope you will like it! 😃 Could you explain more about "bulk music beneration"?
@daigo_kusunoki in some cases i need to create 20 or more tracks. I am to lazy click “create” button every time. If I Could set parameters for 5 tracks one time and create tracks in one click this will be a great thing.
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@dmitriy_kurilenko That's a good idea! We will consider it! :) Thank you for your feedback!
@daigo_kusunoki This is terrific. I'd love to see business and tech scenes too. It would also be good to be able to have shorter clips too (bumpers and stingers) - such as for transitions of segments in a podcast
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@krishnade Thank you for your feedback!!:) We will try to add the short sound clip feature for transition in the future.
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Totally sucks that if you cancel your subscription it ends your access immediately even if you're just one day into the month you've paid for. Why is this? I've never had ANY other product do this before. Very bad and unreasonable way to treat your customers, guys; great product but one I'd NEVER recommend to anyone because of this. I paid for a month, I should get a month. Please sort it out and do the right thing.