Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to planting trees.

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I think, it's on the market for a long time already...
@lisadziuba it is indeed but it finally made to PH.
Great initiative!

The idea is good, but I doesn't feel worth it


Makes you feel better


You're still being tracked by Google for a few trees a year

By Bing (microsoft) not google. :)
I'd recommend to check the privacy policy. Ecosia tracks you less than Bing, and I'd say is next to DuckduckGo. Your private data is not sold to advertisers, own tracking analytics (doesn't end up in some other advertiser database), respect of "Do not Track".
I've set it as my default search engine. I hope I won't miss Google. Love the design too.
In the future, this can be interesting.