Economist Espresso

Daily shot of news on your phone by The Economist

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Like Circa's daily brief, but by editors of The Economist. I'm a sucker for their established brand name so installed the app and giving it a go.
@PieterPaul Is the UI similar to Circa's?
@nikkielizdemere Design is very similar and visual, but the nuggets of news are longer on Espresso. I particularly like the additional data visualisations and stats that they have for some stories. Advantage of their huge pool of research and editors. I find Circa's Daily Briefs a bit too short. They almost read like titles. Tapping on them expands the story, but that's not the point of the Daily Brief format. Sigh... first world problems :)
Always like these daily bits of content. They're obviously reading Hooked @nireyal (the branding of espresso to associate it with a morning ritual is smart too). Pay wall comes into play here, unlike Yahoo's daily app, which I really like.
@odower Yes, I've advocated for these small daily low friction habits. Interesting to see how they'll get investment to complete the hook other than actually paying for the subscription.
I saw someone post about this on Twitter last night but referred to it as "Expresso" so I immediately dismissed the app. I wondered why The Economist would name something so flagrant. Downloading now. I've enjoyed Circa, but the delay in breaking news alerts has been a bit of a letdown.
The Economist has been awesome with their mobile products. I use their The Economist Radio app every morning, its 30 minutes long with 5-7 stories from around the world. Its perfect for getting up to speed on economics and world news. Perfect compliment to Economist Espresso!
Other daily news apps I use: Yahoo News Digest, NYT Now, Circa