Water bottle that tests and filters the water

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RamHunter@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
"Ecomo" is a smart water bottle which tests and filters the water at an instance. They've provided a demo video of Ecomo working, It looks impressive. If you are into trekking, health and fitness, this smart water bottle will be a great asset for you. As of now (05-10-16, 18:18 GMT+1) , this campaign has 115 backers and received $25K in funding ($50K is the pledge amount), still they have 44 days to go.
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
I really love this product! Your innovative work has inspired the following idea from me for you: The most commonly lost (misplaced) item at the workplace, gym, or outdoors are... You guessed it: Water Bottles! Partner with The TrackR team (@TheTrackR) to promote use of their bluetooth tracking device and associated mobile app... To prevent loss of this great product! I believe this will be greatly appreciate by your end users. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar.
Stonly Baptiste
Stonly Baptiste@stonlyb · Co-Founder, Urban.Us
We're really proud to be working with this team. With this out in the world, the data could be anonymized and aggregated to create a real time water quality map. Lots of other potential data plays.
Giacomo Lawrance
Giacomo Lawrance@giacomolaw · Author of
Looks amazing! Really great idea, looking into backing!
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee@kevinwonlee · iOS Engineer
cool product! what happens if you "bad" water and you empty it out? wouldn't you need to clean it pretty well?