Water bottle that tests and filters the water

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"Ecomo" is a smart water bottle which tests and filters the water at an instance. They've provided a demo video of Ecomo working, It looks impressive. If you are into trekking, health and fitness, this smart water bottle will be a great asset for you. As of now (05-10-16, 18:18 GMT+1) , this campaign has 115 backers and received $25K in funding ($50K is the pledge amount), still they have 44 days to go.
I really love this product! Your innovative work has inspired the following idea from me for you: The most commonly lost (misplaced) item at the workplace, gym, or outdoors are... You guessed it: Water Bottles! Partner with The TrackR team (@TheTrackR) to promote use of their bluetooth tracking device and associated mobile app... To prevent loss of this great product! I believe this will be greatly appreciate by your end users. Thanks, Jaswinder Brar.
We're really proud to be working with this team. With this out in the world, the data could be anonymized and aggregated to create a real time water quality map. Lots of other potential data plays.
Looks amazing! Really great idea, looking into backing!
cool product! what happens if you "bad" water and you empty it out? wouldn't you need to clean it pretty well?