Ecommerce Senders

Live email marketing insights for the top 100 Shopify stores

EcommerceSenders is a live dashboard of insights into the email marketing tactics of the most successful online retail brands on Shopify.
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Good morning, Hunters! And thanks for hunting us, @Kevin! A couple months ago I came across @iamvieira's database of top Shopify stores and, being a guy who loves tracking and analyzing the email strategies of different brands,, could only imagine the useful insights we could uncover if we analyzed that group. So I reach out, found another guy (@josh_reyes) to bring some retail-specific strategy to the table, and we started to brainstorm Ecommerce Senders. Now that it's live, it's be super interesting to watch the send volume and strategy rise around COVID-19, to see who is still sending offers and who is backing off, and just really dig into the timing and strategy between types of stores. For example: --10% of stores, when they email about COVID, also include a promotion/offer in the subject line --footwear stores send 30% more email than clothing stores, and clothing stores send 200% more than food/drink stores --most stores include offers in the subject line of about 20% of their emails, but makeup stores include offers in almost half of all emails Hope everyone enjoys! And if you have ideas to make it better, just let us know. This will definitely evolve as we get more feedback.
Excited to dive into the data here! But oddly this is third or fourth ecomm store ranker tool that I've noticed doesn't have our brand 😅
@tweethanframe Hey Ethan, Good point - this is probably because the data for this tool comes from my data set. Essentially, I used a double filter approach to find out the top 100 Shopify stores - first using the top 500 most visited Shopify's IP addresses and then filtering them through Alexa ranks. MVMT got filtered most likely on the second part (there was some positive bias for foreign stores that worked against some big brands). However, I will look into it for and me, @greggblanchard and @josh_reyes will add MVMT to Ecommerce Senders.
@tweethanframe And definitely let me know if you have any idea or requests once you dig in. Thanks, Ethan!
@greggblanchard @josh_reyes @iamvieira ahhh got it! wonder if alexa ranks were affected by the two domains we use ( and
@greggblanchard @josh_reyes @iamvieira will def let you know if I have any ideas!
@greggblanchard @josh_reyes @iamvieira @tweethanframe I think that's quite likely. Just had a quick look at your setup. Is there a reason you use both?
This is great! Definitely see this as becoming a useful research tool as it further evolves! Great work and looking forward to more!
@productbruh Thanks so much, Brian! And if you ever have any ideas to improve, don't hesitate to reach out.