Ecommerce Magazine is a new publication for the ecommerce industry, with guides to selling, building a brand, inspiring profiles of retail and ecommerce entrepreneurs, and more. We've interviewed over 100 experts in Ecommerce, with more to come. EM was founded by the creators of Chatbots Magazine and Octane AI.

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👋 Hi everyone! I'm Ben, the former Editor of Mashable and one of the makers of Ecommerce Magazine -- the second publication in the Octane AI network! I'm really, REALLY thrilled to finally have EM out in the world, after weeks of interviews with the world's top ecommerce experts and the articles that we're publishing from those chats! Ecommerce Magazine's mission is to be the go-to resources for professionals in the ecommerce industry. To do that, we're not just building a publication, but a full-on resource. In the next few weeks, we'll be launching a series of products and reports that we hope will be helpful to anyone who owns a store, runs a store, or works with stores. But content is first! We interviewed top ecommerce founders and execs from Rebag, Filly Flair, Shopify, and much more. We're turning those interviews into useful content for beginners and experts. Ecommerce is a $4.6 trillion market and will surpass $7 trillion by 2020. We're excited by the opportunity! Let us know what you'd like to see on EM or if you'd like to be an Ecommerce Magazine expert/contributor! <3 ~ Ben
Hello Product Hunt! Most of you wouldn't know this, but at Octane AI we have been working with a ton of ecommerce brands (Kiehl's, GoPro, Royal Caribbean, and a ton more), using chatbots to help increase their revenue and customer happiness (more on this later). Through this process we have spoken to so many awesome ecommerce entrepreneurs that we decided to create a magazine to feature them in! Our last publication, Chatbots Magazine, is read by over 250,000 people every month. We expect Ecommerce Magazine will reach even more. When we were trying to learn about ecommerce, we were disappointed that there wasn't a good central source of quality knowledge from active operators in the industry. With the creation of Ecommerce Magazine, we hope that nobody will ever run into that problem again. Ask us anything!
hey Ben! Excited to see the launch of Ecommerce magazine! I see you list that there are 50+ experts who are contributing - who are they? Also, are you focused on e-commerce for physical goods, or digital products too including Saas and subscriptions? Where do you get your writers from?. Oh, can you give an example of a report that readers might expect? thanks.
@nathanielmc Some of the experts are the founders/CEOs of Rebag, Filly Flair, Pure Cycles, as well as agency leaders like Erik Huberman at Hawke Media and executives from the big ecommerce platforms -- we have one about Shopify up for launch! We get our writers from our network, but we also are looking for contributors who have expertise in the Ecommerce industry! We have a large audience across our two publications who want to read your work! We aren't focused on any specific vertical of ecommerce -- we will write articles for all these verticals. Any suggestions for articles we should write?
Fancy! Really well designed and good content. We're running a digital subscription business, but this is still super helpful, especially on how to convert customer. As the world shifts away from ad business to commerce - physical and digital - this is going to be really helpful. Nice work team.
I’m looking forward to checking this out.