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Magenticians’ Ecommerce Hub is where you’ll find all the ingredients needed to brew the ultimate Ecommerce experience.

Catering 4 of the most evident ecommerce platforms; Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce, with all the essential tools and needed resources. It is designed to help ecommerce enthusiasts, and business owners & starters.

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Thanks Kevin for stumbling onto our Ecommerce Hub and we appreciate you taking the time to hunt our product. As Ecommerce evolves, so does our Hub with more plugins, extensions and resources for the most popular Ecommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce, that’ll help showcase your venture to the world in the best way possible. Our love for Ecommerce is evident in the work we’ve put in to bring this resource for everyone with an extensive list of all the ingredients needed to make Ecommerce stores look good. We’ve reduced the clutter and brought together categories so it is easy to navigate, understand and explore every aspect of what is needed for Ecommerce success. As our commitment to Ecommerce stays stronger than ever, we’re always working to offer everything needed under one roof. Since ecommerce is an ever evolving field, we will strive to make sure that our Ecommerce Hub is updated with the latest information and resources. Cheers!
@syed_muneebb What are the new features you are adding for Holiday season?
@sharjeelashraf1 Great question. Yes, the idea of launching it right now was to offer the most benefit to small business owners who are either on Shopify or WooCommerce. With the ecommerce hub, you get the liberty to find all conversion optimization, marketing automation, and even dropshipping tools that on a single page. No more searching for the best tools. Simply select our filter and you are done!
@syed_muneebb Wow, I like it! My compliments, guys! And what is your business model?
@syed_muneebb I add your product to my collection Retail TECH ))
@nadezhda_kos Thanks for your compliments Well, Magenticians have always aimed to help ecommerce community through our resources. We are always working towards creating helpful and useful content that will make Magento easy for the community. As for the business model, we use multiple affiliate channels. As you can see on our blog, we write about various Magento themes, extensions, hosting and other tools. And we only recommend and promote those products which have a great community feedback or it was tested by ourselves.

It has made it easier for new comers to find everything related to ecommerce. This is great for the upcoming holiday season


All things at a single place


Didn't find any

I was particularly interested in dropshipping and found all the relevant information around it.


Probably the most organized and relevant resource for e-commerce.


So far so good!

Glad you like it!
This looks awesome. Initially upon looking at this, I thought this was a 1-stop control centre for all the different e-commerce platforms one may be on. That may be impossible but maybe worth exploring by your team? Regardless, great job with the resources. Will check this out when I finally launch a Shopify-powered store :)
@zalmay_karimi Thanks for the appreciation and suggestion. Hope it will help you in making your Shopify store awesome :)
Hey Muneeb, thanks for creating this amazing compilation of resources for eCommerce website owners. I see that your website is focused on Magento help tutorials. How do you see the role of Magento in the eCommerce world? I personally believe that serious eCommerce businesses invest in Magento. It's powerful. How do you see it in relation to self hosted eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce?
@invinciblesaad First of all, we appreciate your feedback and kind words :) Magento has a huge role in the world of ecommerce and the development of the ecommerce eco system relies heavily on Magento. At Magenticians, we strive to make Magento and ecommerce easier for anyone who wants to start their online stores or optimize their current ones. I agree that "serious" store owners prefer Magento but we also shouldn't ignore the fact that there are huge stores running on Shopify and BigCommerce. I think the main element that tilts the decision towards Magento is the fact that Magento itself doesn't have a huge cost attached to it. If we look at Shopify, it's a big heavy on the pockets and a store owner always prefers cutting costs to improve his profits. On the flip side, Shopify makes it unbelievably easier to customize your stores through its user friendly interface. However, if you have people in your team who are technically sound and are willing to get their hands dirty, then Magento can give you endless customization options as well. I firmly believe that Magento will remain a giant in the ecommerce industry for years to come and Magenticians will become a huge part in the development and nurturing of its community.