eCommerce Customer Retention study

450 eCommerce Experts share insights on Customer Retention.

Returning customers are priceless.
But are they a priority for eCommerce companies?
To find out, we asked eCommerce experts about the way they tackle retention in their companies.
Discover what they have to say in Omniconvert's latest study.
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Hi everyone! I am happy to share what we've been cooking in the last couple of months at Omniconvert. It's been quite an adventure to gather insights on customer retention from so many eCommerce experts. Enjoy the read & we look forward to your feedback!
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Looking forward to reading it!
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@sk_dub looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Well done, guys! Good luck.
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@vladcalus multumim πŸ™
Downloaded the report and reading it now. Retention is the holy grail of retail and business at large.
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@kunletcampbell TRUE that, Kunle! Hopefully more people will become aware about this undervalued growth source.
@kunletcampbell definitely the holy grail for growth. thank you πŸ™!