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Hey Hunters! We're so excited to introduce Ecomfit to all of you, especially those who are running E-commerce businesses. The idea of Ecomfit is to become a trusted partner for store owners, so you just focus on what you do best and we will take care of the rest: Analytics, reports and marketing automation. We know that in order to properly execute your marketing and sale campaigns, you probably install at least 3 or more apps and switching back & forth between them to gather data. So here it is, your ultimate, one-stop solution that meets almost all of your requirements. 🔥What'll you have?🔥 🌟 Comprehensive tracking and reports made easy 🌟 Real-time suggestion and warnings on traffic, product, engagement and loading time 🌟 Pust Notification to constantly communicate with your customers 🌟 Promotion Popup to launch within a minute to recover that lost sale 🔥Should you give it a try?🔥 Sure! Because: ❤️ We help you turn raw data to information, with easy-to-understand visualization ❤️ Build customer profile and segment them for easy targeting ❤️ Pre-configured campaigns are at your disposal. Examples: ✔︎ Push Campaigns: Abandoned cart recovery, Loyalty customer, Customized campaign ✔︎ Popup Campaigns: Reduce abandoned cart, Reduce customer leaving, Capture email leads, Increase Social subscribers, Welcome Discount 👉🏻Save you much setup time! ❤️ Prefer customization? No problem. Our robust targeting options and triggers will help you tailor any of your campaigns. 🔥Some customer targeting options for these campaigns that you would appreciate: 🔥 🌟 Customer value 🌟 Abandoned Cart (cart amount, product in cart) 🌟 Traffic sources (Social, search engine, UTM source) 🌟 Page view, Visit time, and more. 🔥Quick set up, work well with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento🔥 For more information, you can visit: 📌 Our website: 📌 Demo dashboard: As we are still working on Ecomfit with continuous improvement and feature updates, we would love to have your feedback and comment! Feel free to share your thoughts as I'll be here all day (and everyday) 🎁 P/s: Currently all premium features are open for free users for one month, so you don't have to pay upfront or trial to use Ecomfit. Just click install and you're good to go. 🎁 P/s 2: If your store is ready to jump to the next level and you do love Ecomfit, there's 20% discount for any paid plan. Just drop us a line 😉 Cheers 🍻🍻🍻
Great product !!!!!!
@polaris1503 thanks for your compliment :D
That's great product (y)
@le_ha_nam thanks for your compliment
Great product!
Great product!
@ch_ng_nguy_n thank you for your compliment ❤️