Smart thermostat with Alexa built inside

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I've been having issues with my old Nest and I'm thinking of getting this. Would love to hear thoughts on the ecobee from any hunters that have one!
@imakestrides I have one. I was too early for HomeKit, so I can't attest to that, but otherwise it's awesome. You can view stats about your energy usage in the app, and the room sesnors have helped keep my bedroom toasty. With Alexa, the smart home integration is going to be even better then Nest's. I'll probably get one of these and never look back.
@zduboss Nice, sounds like a good time to try this out. Thanks Zach!
Had an Ecobee3 in my last home. Loved it. Solid and functional. I never used the room sensors. If you want Alexa go with the 4 if you don't need Alexa the 3 is available and cheaper
@askdaylen The Ecobee3 Lite works with room sensors now, it just doesn't give you control over humidifiers/dehumidifiers, Ventilators, HRV or ERV like the Ecobee3 does. Ecobee3 also comes with a room Sensor in the box.