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World's First Web Based Eco-Friendly Screensaver

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I've been fascinated by how a mere color of a pixel in monitors can affect the power consumption! Hello, I am Aniket Kudale, creator of 'Eco Screensaver', a web based eco-friendly screen saver which works best for LED or OLED monitors. As we all know that LED and OLED monitors are energy efficient i.e each pixel on an OLED screen contains a set of tiny LEDs that emits light in proportion to the current color of that pixel. Meaning, if the color is black, no light is emitted and the pixel is completely off, thus saving some energy here. Inspired by same principle, I have created 'Eco Screensaver', which displays black, dark or white pixeled screen instantly as a screen saver in your browser. Now your eco-friendly screensaver is just a click away! Go green!