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dan mMaker@danielmeng07 · Person, among other things.
Hey guys, not much to it - chrome extension for bookmarking videos / editing Yt, Fb, Tw. Good for cutting out unwanted bits, and long lectures/tutorials. Hope it's useful! __ EDIT: Nov. 7 Cause of Temporary Service Disruption: I apologize if you experienced any slowed saving times. There was an unexpected number of signups over the weekend. Fixes have been put in place. Full round of optimization will take place in the coming weeks.
Exactly what I've been looking for. Nice work. I can really see the utility for this, especially for long youtube videos.
Heidi Smith@eclipstest9
First off, I like the intuitive UI. It walks me through the process of saving a video really well. I also like how it's only one click to save, and editing is also really easy to do. Overall, great tool.
dan mMaker@danielmeng07 · Person, among other things.
Thanks Heidi :)
Jeffrey Ward@jeffward44
Neat tool. Really easy to use, any plans on expanding into other video hosts?
dan mMaker@danielmeng07 · Person, among other things.
@jeffward44 Yes, we want to cover every inch of the internet!
Patricia Kelm@bucketoflove22
@danielmeng07 @jeffward44 I'd really like to see this working for Instagram
Mike Kirkland@mkirkland49ers
Wow... that's really something. Accuracy is a bit iffy here and there but really good.
dan mMaker@danielmeng07 · Person, among other things.
@mkirkland49ers We're working on the accuracy :) Thanks for the complement.