Amsterdam offline audio guide

Neat idea, and obviously a lot of work went into this! There is so much to know and take in while in AMS, so definitely a model city to learn from if you're looking to expand. My buddy @RenoACW of AMS City Walks ( might be good to hit up as a city expert/resource as you continue to enrich content. Maybe even a collaborative opportunity there. I do kind of fear for the lives of new AMS visitors using this app though - its already easy to get taken out by bike traffic without competing audio cues ;)
@sarahcassady Hi Sarah. Thanks for good words. I am going to send a message to @RenoACW.
This is really cool. The UX is actually really well thought out. You download it, and you're immediately put into the guided map. Made we want to build one for my home town! @_mac any plans to make it available in other towns?
@mijustin Definitely. When we were making Amsterdam version we had to make the web app that helped us organizing a content. Creating an app for another city is basiclly the matter of creating valuable content. We figured out how to connect everything into one working mobile app.
BTW - I think @marckohlbrugge and @sarahcassady might be into this.
What a bummer, just came back from Amsterdam this week, would have loved to try this.