Slack for traders: Chat app for financial trading teams.

Where Traders Meet:

Echofin is the perfect solution for your financial team. Exchange messages, send files, post your market analysis, send signals and learn how to trade the markets.

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Many thanks to Bram for hunting us today! We have already took a screenshot of this page to make it a poster :) To put it simple: echofin is to traders as Slack is to developers. But with a twist, instead of providing a chat front-end that is able to parse ruby code nicely we have created a virtual trading floor where traders feel at home. So, around the chat time line a trader can find live charting, DataFlash for blazing fast macro-economic news, Bloomberg TV, direct MT4 web trading and much more. All the components and widgets are seamlessly integrated to compose a robust communication environment. One of our platform edges is the billing integration. Financial educators are now able to create pay-to-access chatrooms to host their webinars and share market insights with their premium members. Echofin streamlines the billing process. Financial educators are able to create billing buttons and links to integrate to their web sites. They are provided with a powerful dashboard to monitor sales and manage subscriptions. Creating a public accessible room is all free. So, if you are a trading team leader go ahead and join echofin.
As one of my goals this year is to learn more about trading, echofin makes it easy for me to follow public trading rooms to learn from professionals! Take it away @krisleo!
@bramk many thanks for this hunt!
Hello ProductHunt community. Thank you very much for having us. Feel free to post your questions here and we will answer ASAP.
Echofin latest version is out. We've taken functionality to the extreme with special focus on speed, performance and extensibility. Echofin's new layout lets users display several direct and group-message chatrooms, in a column format.
Fabulous!! It's screaming for an app. I love it.
@eboy thanks for your comments. A mobile app would be useful indeed; we will launch both an iOS and an Android version very soon
@krisleo can't wait. Looks really slick.
@eboy hi! It's been some time since we update this thread, but mobile apps are already available for both iOS devices and Android