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About is a place to rent items between members of the marketplace. Our aim "We hope to have a positive impact on today's consumer society by providing a sharing community where members can rent items with other users rather than purchasing items for short term use."

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Gerald Bishop
Christiane Martin
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use website.

    Potential to save and make money.

    Helps you meet people in your area.

    Can get items quickly.

    Saving the environment!


    Not able to add a listing seeking items to rent - yet.

    Not enough people using it - yet.

    I always thought this kind of website is needed in today's society; a way to save and make money by working together with our neighbors and in turn reducing the strain on the world's resources by re-using and up-cycling items rather than buying items new.

    I have used the website and I'm happy with the layout and usability. Eventually I'd like to the see the site become more interactive; imploring users to list more items, providing statistics on how much you've made/saved.

    All in all, I highly recommend this site, it's a great idea with a brilliant intention.

    Gerald Bishop has used this product for one year.