Echo Dot Kids Edition

A smart speaker with Alexa for kids

Introducing a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker with Alexa, designed with kids in mind. Echo Dot Kids Edition can play age-appropriate music, answer questions, tell stories, and more. If they break it, return it and Amazon will replace it for free.

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
The Echo Dot Kids Edition is the Amazon Kindle for children — get them hooked and committed early, and you'll own them for life. Amazon is creating a content moat around children with its FreeTime Unlimited subscription service. Alexa will be the first AI parent. If we were concerned about the loss of autonomy and free thought (or advertising annoyances) brought to us via the Facebook newsfeed, this is taking it up to an whole new level. It's not that there won't be positive aspects of this shift — only that they will be profound, for the better and the worse.
How do you decide on what music can be played on or not? Is it purely that explicit lyrics are eliminated or certain kinds of music as well, like say heavy metal? Also, can parents get visibility and tweak the filters on what content is and isn't permitted?
@gautamm_mehra why would it block heavy metal...
@corey_mencia I’m not sure how it works, hence asked. Heavy metal music is quite aggressive and some parents may not want such tracks to come on a radio station for example. I’m no one to judge if that’s acceptable or not, but being a device where you are policing content for a kid, it’s a valid ask.
Brian Lee
code monkey @ theymadethat
imo With some work this kid's Echo dot paired with a Kindle Fire would make a good 1st gen 'Young Ladies Primer' from (minus a real person doing the talking)