The voice-focused dating app 💑🗣️

Echo is a voice-focused dating app. You can think echo as Tinder with audio. When you login you immediately start to see profiles and listen voices of suitable dating candidates around you.

When you liked someone he or she will be notified automatically. So you don't have to spend money to get noticed.

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@mertyildiran are you planning on making this for iOS?
@amrith yes. Would you like to help the development of iOS version?
@mertyildiran I'm not a dev 😅 Just an iOS user asking on behalf of other iOS users who might be interested too!
@amrith oh OK sure. It's under development right now. Thanks for asking! :)
Seems like a super idea, honestly though the design and app screenshots could use some work! Good luck 🍀
Cool idea. Is it a web-based app created with JS frameworks like React / Vue or is it built directly with native methods?
@mihai_mangu no, it's an Android application written in Java. Server-side is open-sourced and it's a web service written on top of Django Rest Framework.