Join local conversations (beta)

Hello Product Hunters! We built Echo from a simple idea that came to me while living in Los Angeles. I would hear sirens outside at least a few times a day, but had no idea what was happening. Searching on Twitter hardly ever produced anything relevant and I didn't know any of my neighbors. On top of that, I saw a lot of flyers posted on light poles. Flyers that are asking for help in one way or another. Missing pets, garage sales, stolen items, etc. We live in a digital age where 100s of millions of pictures and messages are exchanged and shared with followers and strangers, yet there is no easy way to communicate with our near by community. It turns out 29% of Americans know only a few of their neighbors and 28% know none of their neighbors by name. With Echo we are giving people a simple way to join local conversations. Each post has a radius and only those inside the radius can view it. If you like a post, swipe up to echo it and spread it further by increasing it's radius! Happy Echoing everyone, and let's help each other!
I know everyone is probably getting over their Thanksgiving food hangovers, but if you have a bit of energy left I would love to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions!
@shapob Hey Oleg, big fan of the potential here. Have been thinking about a similar local "news" publishing app that allows you to feel the pulse of the city for a while now. I would encourage you to seed the pilot cities with stories to create the initial momentum. Im not seeing much fresh content in SF for example, which in turn doesn't incentivize me to post my own story. Excited about the potential, consider me an early adopter!
@karanbhangui I am seeding Los Angeles with a few people (that's where I currently live). We have some cool things we will be adding in the coming months to resolve the fresh content issue :) Thank you for your kind words!
@shapob @karanbhangui Have you guys tried coeverywhere? It's definitely one way of solving the problem. I just found I didn't come back. Not so sticky.
@shapob @karanbhangui Have you guys tried coeverywhere? It's definitely one way of solving the problem. I just found I didn't come back. Not so sticky.
@tymrtn @karanbhangui I have seen and used it, but it serves a different purpose, which seems to be organizing social media content around a specific location. You can follow a location and see what other people share from there. It's sort of like creating a container or a bucket for social media based on where it originated. Echo allows a free flow of content, which can expand like a sound wave to reach more people. We are just in Beta now and are seeding LA and will get to SF soon (amongst other cool features in the pipeline :) Would love to hear your thoughts!
Hey guys, If anyone is interested, we are looking for beta users in the Los Angeles area for the new version of Echo. It's a MAJOR update to say the least and we are very excited about it! Shoot me an email for an invite
How do you plan to compete with all the products that keep launching in this space, nonetheless already exist and dominate the market-place...(what's your secret sauce?)