Display your ebooks library on a poster in your living room

ebooksilove is A Facebook bot to showcase your ebooks library on a poster in your living room.

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How does this work? There are no instructions. I managed to add a few books but now have no clue what to do.
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@justcharlie once the books are added, thanks to the menu, you can download and print your poster.
@plppppp it doesn't work for me. It downloads a PDF with nothing on it but a QR code which leads back to the ebooksilove homepage.
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@plppppp still doesn't work for me. I like the concept but I feel like Facebook messenger bot is not a good interface for this type of service. It is confusing and frustrating. The documentation is lacking, I think the website should explain how the tool works. I hope this feedback helps, thanks for sharing your project.
Feel free to ask me some questions!
Seems pretty cool! However the 'Try it for Free' Header link does not work. it's a pity :/
@maarie It seems that the error is coming from FB. You can access the bot at the following address: https://www.facebook.com/ebooksi...
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@plppppp Great thanks!
I will recommend ebooksilove to my friends. It looks cool. I read a lot and and now I can print the posters.