Online medical marijuana evaluations for CA patients at $25

EazeMD is online medical cannabis recommendation that will deliver it right to you in case you need it. It is really simple UX application that will video-connect you to a doctor and give you a prescription.

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Eazemd is a great way to quickly and affordabably consult with a doctor to see if you qualify for mmj in ca!
We are so excited to unveil EazeMD, a new telemedicine innovation for the cannabis industry. EazeMD is designed to improve medical marijuana patients’ access to care by significantly reducing the cost of the evaluation and, even more important, eliminating distance barriers to professional, licensed clinical care. Traditionally, California patients pay anywhere from $50 to $300 for an evaluation and may wait as long as 30 days for the recommendation, if approved. With EazeMD, physician-provided medical marijuana recommendations from California board-certified physicians can be completed on demand and cost just $25. After you've received your recommendation, you can order a delivery using Eaze technology and get it brought to your door in minutes! https://www.eazeup.com/#/menu
Very interesting @michaelkasian. I'm curious: why are consultations only done by Ronald D. Zlotolow Physicians Group Inc.? Was it Dr. Zlotolow's idea to start Eaze? Is there more of a story?
@TaylorHayes The physician's group that provides consultations via EazeMD are fully licensed physicians that have been properly vetted to provide evaluations. They were not present for the development of Eaze's technology.