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Hey @igo - Cool concept. What's the main problem your app is solving? Rating healthy/not healthy is interesting, but I'm wondering if that helps people who don't know enough about nutrition to begin with? How do people gauge what is healthy? (I think this is a really hard problem in 2017 - where people are bombarded with ads/misinformation)
@mscccc @igo I don't get this either. You don't have to count calories, but there's an expectation that the user knows (even to just an approximate degree) how many carbs are in their meals? (based on the demo vid). Having been on the Keto diet for the last 4 months, I've learned how much misinformation and lack of understand there is around many ingredients and their nutritional value. Same observation for the "healthy" rating. Low fat doesn't always mean healthy, but you're assuming users are knowledgable enough to make that judgement call in an app that seems to be tailored to people who are casual/not that knowledgable. I do love the idea of photo logging your meals. Just an app that provided a really nice UX around the idea of being accountable for what you eat is very helpful.
@mscccc @wuss thanks a lot for your feedback! We have observed that overweight people often suffer from distraction and non-reflective eating habits. They even forget what and how much they ate just a few hours ago. Using eatpal will support self-reflective nutrition in a very simple way. Judging what's healthy and what not, is difficult and depends on your individual lifestyle. I think you are totally right. Therefore we will offer professional personal advice in future and take the user´s input as a conversation starter. Right now it is up to you, what you do want to highlight red or green. In the feed-tap this decision is marked as a small dot in the top right corner of each meal´s thumbnail. When scrolling through the history, you can see at a glance the food choices you made, and your according weight progress.
Now it this could ballpark the calories on the picture it would be revolutionary
We don't naturally think in terms of calories - we think in more broad terms of not healthy to healthy. I like how eatpal recognises that and makes it easier to track our daily diets on that scale.
@grantmac_ Thanks, Grant! I was frustrated with the disconnect current nutrition apps offer, when it comes to really reflecting on what you eat. Therefore eatpal is focussed on methods of reflection, commitment and motivation. – let us know how it works for you!
Looks awesome. (Tip: get rid of the ukulele music)
Congrats on the launch @lgo really interesting to use the simple interaction of taking a photo to help people reflect on what they eat. All the best!