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A simple approach to diet tracking

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**Update: v1.0 for Android has been launched. Thanks everyone for your interest and love. -- EatHealthy Tracker v1.0 has been launched for iPhone/iPad. A simple app to keep track of healthy, unhealthy and very unhealthy days. The calorie based food tracking apps have got one basic problem: logging everything we eat. While they do work to achieve fitness and health goals, many people give up using them because they find it complicated and time-consuming to log each and everything they eat 4 times a day. We wanted something which is simple and which will make people aware of their eating choices and push them towards eating more healthy. The idea is simple: At the end of the day, before sleeping, "consciously" recall the eating choices in the day and rate the day: either healthy, unhealthy or very unhealthy. This happens to many people: we eat unhealthy food and later regret "I should've not eaten unhealthy..tomorrow onwards I will eat healthy". And few days down the line, one more unhealthy day! We easily forget how many unhealthy days we had in past and unknowingly keep on making unhealthy choices. No tracking and no progress. What if we had something which reminds us of our healthy, unhealthy and very unhealthy days. The conscious decision somehow pinches oneself, even if there is an ounce of regret for any unhealthy choice. And a delight if it was a healthy day. Simple diet tracking, with minimal time. Would love to hear your thoughts on this :)
Installed on my iPhone. And gave it a go: I like - - No sign up required (on free version) simply grab and go - neat UI and easy to use out of the box I don't like - - the ads, never like the ads :) - it won't really change my habits I see the simple approach you've gone for and it may work for some. However, people don't have an idea of what's healthy and what's not, or rather, they have the wrong idea of what's healthy. For e.g. a KFC meal to share is 1200 Kcals so one argues going for a rice box is a healthier option (at 600 Kcals with tonnes of salt and sodium). Perception of healthy is broken. FULL DISCLOSURE: I prefer the 1200 Kcals option. I think you need to put some stats around what we are putting in our body. I would love to have a bit more in the app - but a lot less than what MyFitnessPal crams into its app. Take this as an SOS from those of us who want a simpler diet tracking app.
Thanks for the valuable inputs @freeman_faiz Ads do affect the look and feel of the app. So we went with a small banner ad just on the home screen which is removed in the premium upgrade. If someone finds it difficult to differentiate between healthy/unhealthy, it would indeed be difficult to take a decision at the end of the day; and the worst would be entering healthy days for unhealthy ones. Right now, for those we recommend following a rough meal plan (probably from some dietician) and if followed perfectly; put a tick, else cross or double cross. I have noted down your suggestions. We will work on making the app more useful and help people have a healthy lifestyle.
I like this premise, simple and do-able. Great stuff!
@brendonto We wanted to keep things bare minimum. For those who find food logging complex and give up on diet tracking, a second a day of logging with minimal interaction with the app. Glad that you liked the idea :)
I like it 😘😘 easy concept, a lot more usable compare to logging food. Now I am battling what's the standard of a healthy day... I kinda wish I can log each meal instead of each day.
Thanks @rick_chen1 People decide "I will Eat Healthy for this week/month/year" and few days down the line they make unhealthy choices and later regret at the end of day. And after few more days they forget the regret and the cycle repeats. The best way would be to have a general/rough idea of what we are going to eat and if we fail to do so, regard it as unhealthy day. An option to log "each meal instead of each day" sounds interesting. Noted down your feedback.
I hate food tracking but I'm going to try this! Great work!
@bleistern Thanks! Hope you will find it useful.