Make food orders over text message

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I've said this a few times before but I'm fascinated by "invisible apps" that use existing, common channels as an interface (e.g. SMS, email) without creating a complex new UI. They have their pros and cons but in almost every case it gives makers an opportunity to test their idea in less time and with fewer technical dependencies.
@rrhoover 100% agree - we are taking a similar route @sensay
Really like that you can test the product out with a fictional Chinese restaurant called "Chop Chop". Text "I'm hungry!" to (843) 779-1191
Hi everyone. We built @eatabit because we think you should be able to chat with your restaurant to order rather than calling and waiting on hold or filling out forms on the web. Imagine ordering lunch as you walk to the restaurant via your Apple iWatch or dinner as you drive home hands-free through your in-car computer. Now you can. Our motto is: "Don't get between a person and their pizza!" Thoughts? -Greg
chop chop test restaurant is brilliant
Interesting service. I was in the Philippines last year, and my cousin made an order to a takeout place via text. I went to go pick it up, not completely convinced that they would have the order ready. To my surprise they did receive the order :D Looks like this could have/has all the benefits of an online-ordering system, but I think the SMS as UI makes it even better
@jabeuy Thanks for the comment! We really think that the mechanics of ordering a pizza is one of those things that should be delegated to the layer of computation that surrounds us these days. That is why we are excited about things like the iWatch. You could just speak your order to the watch which converts to text - we handle the rest!