Eat Your Greens

Snap your meal, find out what's missing based on color

Inspired by @Larkef 's 'Veggi Rider' hunt, let's make this a healthy Friday! ;)
@PieterPaul @Larkef I'd love to see a "tool set" around nutrition! Make it happen, Product Hunt!
Love this concept of easy "finger in the wind" nutrition tracking. It's much easier than tracking individual macros. Question: How does this handle foods like skittles? Is it solely based off color or is there additional intelligence built in?
@maroun No additional intelligence right now. This is purely MVP stage. I'm exploring some new ideas and refinements and should have another version coming soon. So, right now, of course you can 'game the system'. But I'm targeting individuals that care about their health and know better. :) Your concern is definitely something that would be interesting to solve! Challenge accepted! :)
How does this count carbs, proteins, calories which are important to diet and show up in a variety of colors?
@knakao No counting carbs, proteins, or calories. We're exploring something "different". There's a lot of research out there nowadays that suggest alternative health tracking rather than the standard calorie, carb, and protein intake. While those are indeed valid and helpful, our app aims to shake up the standard.
Hi there - I'm the creator of Eat Your Greens. Thanks so much for your support! We're excited to be on Product Hunt! This product is the result of a few years of UX studies in the nutrition field. I was the designer at (a nutrition-based website) which got acquired by Herbalife and we found that while logging the food you ate was important, people did not like entering in their food items, calorie counts, etc. After iterations of improvements to our food database, making search far easier, and even offering a 'favorite' food list, people were still not logging their food. So I set out to make it easier. Research shows that different colored foods contain different nutrients and vitamins which is proving to be very beneficial to health. This was our goal - to make nutrition logging simple and relevant, providing feedback and education to one's diet.
There's an easter egg that isn't explained in the iPhone app too! When you've taken photos of a few different meals, and you're on the meal color pie chart for one of your entries, try using the "pinch" gestures and see what happens. Any guesses?