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Hey everyone, We just released a major update to Eat This Much, and it allows you to export your grocery list to Instacart to get your entire week's meals delivered. I have a tendency to procrastinate on going grocery shopping for days, sometimes weeks, and it's frequent cause of me falling into ruts of eating crap food and losing track of my diet. Grocery delivery integration has been one of our top goals for a long time, and now it's easy to send everything to Instacart with 1 click, and then get it delivered in as little as an hour. It's one less barrier to consistently eating well. We also completely revamped our weekly meal generating algorithms to be much better at efficiently using groceries, and made leftovers completely customizable (so you can automate things like Meal Prep Sunday and save meals for the rest of the week). Here's a full writeup on the updates: As a bonus for producthunters (and as thanks for reading my comment), here's a gift code you can use to get a free trial of the premium stuff without needing to enter credit card info: producthunt_yo . It'll also give you 25% off if you decide to subscribe after the trial's over (there's a link to enter it on the credit card page after you go through the upgrade process). I hope you find it useful, and let me know if you have any feedback or questions! (also, check out our dangerously catchy jingle if you have a free minute: