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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our service! With Eat This Much, we're trying to bridge the gap between nutrition data and the way you actually eat. It generates meals complete with ingredients, recipes, and nutrition info to match any kind of diet with your custom preferences. The daily planner is totally free to use and customize, and subscribers receive grocery lists every week before their shopping day and ETM will help track leftover ingredients. The site started out as a personal project to automate my own diet, but we've recently grown to a 3 man team working full time. Our dream is to create a true ‘set it and forget it’ meal planner, but we still have a lot of work to do. For now, we like to think we're a blazing fast way to organize and adjust nutrition information to fit your needs. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!
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@ldementhon Congrats, this looks great! Are you planning to let users get groceries delivered? :) That would be a killer option and could drive revenue through partnerships.
@andreaspizsa Thanks! Grocery delivery is definitely one of our biggest goals - I've talked to Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and Peapod, but Peapod is the only one to show any interest in developing an API and they've been pretty slow moving thus far. I use Amazon Fresh in L.A. myself so I'm pumped for the day they open up :)
@ldementhon How would you compare this app to LifeSum?
Really dig the broader approach that you're taking to tracking macros as opposed to appealing to specifically the bodybuilding/fitness communities. I fell off the wagon using MyFitnessPal. Gonna give this a spin - thanks for building this!
@will_lam Thanks Will! I know the feeling of falling off the MFP wagon - calorie trackers are a lot of work to use, and really focus on what you're already doing rather than what you want to change. ETM is all about helping you find new ideas and strategies, and making it easy to experiment with your diet. Good luck with getting your nutrition back on track!
Glad to see you guys doing well - remember it from way back when it was, nice to see it evolving. I've been an active user on and off over the past few years - _to be honest_ I always found it hard to stick to because it didn't really fit with how I actually bought groceries (or I'd end up going out for lunch most days, throwing my meal plan off etc) - but it looks like you've really addressed all of those issues in the new version. Looking forward to having another go with it :)
Really like the idea! But the recipes it offered me for my meal plan are.. a little strange, and trying to change them resulted in even weirder results (no, I don't want my lunch to be two types of yoghurt please). Do you get better meal plans/ more tailored meal plans when you sign up?
This looks awesome! I just created an account and I'll start this upcoming week! I might try it this weekend if I have the ingredients lol. Must say, the UX is surprisingly simplistic on Web!