Eat More

Telegram bot that helps you eat more. 🍩💪

Eat More helps you eat more.

Track your meals by simply sending a quick photo with an optional caption.

The bot will remind you when you haven’t eaten in a while.

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Eat More is a bot for Telegram that helps you eat more. You create a visual food diary by logging every meal. Just snap a picture and add an optional caption. The bot will remind you if you haven’t eaten in a while. 🤔 Why? I often forget to eat. I mean, I won’t starve to death or anything, but I eat less than I should. I was talking to @jelmerdeboer the other day about working out and if he had any recommendations for me to get bigger. He gave the in hindsight obvious advice: eat more. While it’s very actionable advice, it does require a long-term behavior change so it’s not something I can do “right now”. I need to do it multiple times a day, every day. In other words I need to form a habit. Keeping a food diary is a great way to form a that habit, as it provides you with insights in how often and how much I eat. While I’m sure there are plenty of apps out there that help me track my meals, I like the flexibility and challenge of building my own solution. I’m in Telegram 24/7 so I figured a bot would be a good approach. The bot you see now is the result of a quick hackathon while I was waiting for my food (two delicious burritos) to be delivered. 🙅‍♂️ I need to eat less, not more. Ok. Don't use this bot. 💰 What’s the revenue model? It’s free to use. There is no revenue model. It’s a hobby project. Not a business. 🍩 Why all the donuts? Looks cool. I don't advise just eating donuts though. 😲 You should add X! Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. This bot is just a quick side project. I will probably only add features I need myself.
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Awesome! :D Would love this for drinking water, although I can just use this one right.
@jvdmeij yeah you can use this one :)
Very nice! Everyone else seems to want to help me eat less :) You should try submitting a link on places like
@yprez Will give that a try. Thanks Yuri!
OMG! Mr. Marc!!! Mr. Launch in 1 day!!! This is a great example of how you just don't give a f*ck about perfectionism and launching ideas directly when you generated them.
@andreyazimov Exactly. Exercising that shipping muscle :).
I've been eating all day :) Too bad your last meal was 13 hours ago @marckohlbrugge, keep trying!