Eat Club

Food delivered for your team, minus all the work

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Pretty cool — allows each employee to order whatever he/she wants, taking away the risk of the monolithic order that doesn't please everyone.
Surprised this wasn't posted here before! Huge fan of eat club. Have used it at a couple companies, have always had a great experience.
We've been using this at DeviantArt for company lunches and everyone really loves it. There's always a good selection to choose from and the food has always been great quality.
I like Eat Club. A few feature requests. I feel a little annoyed that if on a given day I forget to order before 10am I can no longer get any food. The app sends out push notifications but thats not enough, I miss it. I wish there was a stronger reminder so that I wouldnt miss it really. I wouldnt mind an SMS reminder. May be also offer food options to me via text and allow me to place order via SMS. Secondly (and relatedly), I wish there was a way to put it on auto pilot. I am super non-fussy about what I eat. I wish I could set some parameters (eg: only veggie on Tuesdays :P) and it would just place an order for me within those parameters. That would really help me reduce one additional decision I need to make at work. Thirdly, I wonder if there's anything fun/social that can be achieved out of bucketing users (within or without the company) based on similar ordering patterns. But it'd be fun to see if I had a food cousin on the app whose ordering habits resemble mine closely.
@thathoo We actually have a way to put you on auto-pilot - it's your backup plan if you don't order. Will get that figured out for your company and you. As for finding your food cousin, its something @stonegksp has built and we ran it internally for EAT Club team but haven't formally launched yet. Great to hear the feedback that you would find it useful!
I knew taking lunch orders could get complicated, but it's certainly interesting to see entire businesses pop up that are built to solve that issue. Same premise as ZeroCater I'm guessing.