Order a meal for your team in Slack

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Hey PH - a few weeks ago we launched a lunchbot that made it simple to order lunch through slack. We took all the feedback and pulled together a new site and an updated more flexible product experience we're now calling For us it is one step closer to killing all the distracting tasks on your team's plate so they can stay focused on what matters. I hope teams using slack find it to be the easiest, hassle-free meal they ever ordered. Let me know what you think and what we can do to keep improving it.
@mdeiters Sounds awesome, Matt! Are you guys still working on Assembly/Changelog or is the team moving on to new projects?
Looks sweet :D It would be cool if built up a "frequently ordered menu" behind the scenes and then used it to expedite ordering. eg "You have ordered (1) Fish Tacos and (2) Chicken Quesadilla here before. Would you like one of those again, or something else on the menu?" I frequently order the same few things at each restaurant and looking at a menu every day is a waste of time if someone can tell me what I normally order there. It also helps order for anyone who can't confirm their order (meetings etc).
@joncalhoun great idea! It's actually one of the things we do :)