Async video standups for remote teams

easyUp lets you record a short (~1 min) video each day that is shared with your colleagues - think Instagram stories for teams.

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Hey hunters, while I was working on a remote team, we always ran into issues with getting everyone on a video-chat at the same time (due to different time zones, doctor's appointments, vacations, etc.). We tried text-based check-ins via Slack, but it's just not the same. That's why I developed an iOS & Android app to conduct async video standups - think Instagram stories for teams. Everyone can record a short snippet and watch what others have posted. Each video is automatically transcribed to text in the background and is therefore searchable. Please let me know what you think :)! Thanks, Nick
@nikozwitschert this looks like a great idea, looking forward to checking it out.
@gertig Thanks, Andrew, let me know if you run into any issues!
FWIW, we have a channel in Slack where everyone on our distributed team shares (1) what they worked on last week (2) focused on this week (3) blockers and (4) OOO updates. This works very well for us and unlike video, it's easy to scan and refer back to. Truthfully, I don't see much value in the video and recording video is always harder than writing. Curious to hear you're thoughts and maybe use cases you've seen so far, @nikozwitschert!
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing your process, Ryan! Do you have a bot that reminds everyone to do this, or does someone simply kick off the process? You're right that text updates are much quicker to parse, but we've found that video can be more personal and convey more between-the-lines meaning. We run speech-to-text recognition on each video in the background, so the content is searchable if you need to refer back to something later on.
@nikozwitschert we don't have a bot to remind people but everyone sticks to schedule and implicitly receives a notification when the first person provides an update.
How is it different from Standuply.com or Tatsu?