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Hi everybody, We’re excited to share Easyship with you! I know that many of us here are building and/or managing online stores, so I’m sharing this all-in-one shipping platform that we created for global eCommerce. The idea behind this product is that shipping is the last barrier for eCommerce sellers to receive international orders due to high pricing, complex legislation for taxes and duties in each country, in addition to the overwhelming number of shipping solutions available. Considering the huge opportunity of online cross-border sales potential, this is quite frustrating for sellers. This is why we came up with this centralized platform to compare solutions, sync/manage orders, and track shipments. We’re like Skyscanner for shipping, or the shipping middleman: we’re integrated with both marketplaces and shopbuilders like eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify and over 100 different shipping services including major couriers such as DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS, at prices discounted up to 70%. For each order, our tool compares all shipping couriers and gives transparency to the buyer on delivery time and shipping costs. We guarantee tax & duty for shipments based on the type of item and its customs value. Everything is integrated within a single, efficient, free software; sellers only need their Easyship account to sync their stores and streamline their logistics from checkout to delivery. The platform is free to use - you only pay as you ship, and there are no monthly fees or subscription fees. We’re excited to get feedback from the Product Hunt community on the different features we’ve developed along the way. We’ve set up promocodes for the PH community – feel free to use them! If you’re based in the US: HUNT20; in Singapore: HUNT30; in Hong Kong: HUNT150 Would love any and all thoughts! Cheers! Tom
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Love what you're building!
@nzieber Thanks Nick!
Nice to see a shipping solution that isn't America-centric and is APAC focused! Do you plan to support Magento? I personally find international a huge pain due to HS codes and restrictions, duties etc. I found the countries page a bit confusing/potentially misleading as it defaults to Hong Kong as the from country and not from the actual from country. Also Antarctica?! 😂
@boogsau thanks for your message. Yeah the Magento integration is in the pipeline and should be live in 2 months. For the country page we will make is responsive to the country of origin. Besides this, do you find the information clear? Yes also Antarctica! - We truly ship worldwide :)
Please make origin from Malaysia available as soon as possible
@faiz_edzahar thanks for your message. Duly noted Sir!