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William Richards
William RichardsMaker@wgrrrr · Founder at EasyRedir
Howdy all! I am the founder of EasyRedir and I'm excited to be able to share it with Product Hunt today! We've built a very easy to use, narrowly focussed tool just to manage URL redirection. EasyRedir has been available for over a year and I've been pleasantly surprised by the response. It seems we've really tapped into a niche requirement that some IT departments, marketing/advertising agencies, startups and SEO firms have. We've tried to focus on just the necessities: - Set up URL redirects quickly and easily - Invite team members to manage your redirects for you - Belong to multiple organizations from a single account There are a few key benefits which have been validated by customer feedback: - Get up and running quickly and easily - Puts the implementation responsibility into the right hands - business people, not technical people - Don't need to spend time and money building and maintaining infrastructure We'd love to hear any feedback you have as we continue to refine and grow our product!
Daniel Lang
Daniel Lang@daniellangnet
@wgrrrr: I can think of countless examples where I had to deal with quite "interesting" IT-folks from customers where setting up a simple redirect turned out to be a massively complicated project. I wish I could have pointed them to a product like this... In any case - how does it actually work? Do you need to set A records to your IP and you then do a regular HTTP 302 or 301 redirect?
William Richards
William RichardsMaker@wgrrrr · Founder at EasyRedir
@daniellangnet Yes, that's right. We ask people to use an IP for domain apexes, and a CNAME for everything else. We support both 301 and 302 redirects (that's in the "advanced settings" panel). This whole product came out of feeling the pain you speak of too many times. There were other redirection services available, but I didn't feel like any of them were professional enough for me to recommend/use. We're asking people to trust us with their traffic and I understand that's a big ask, so we built the best platform we could.
Emil Stahl
Emil Stahl@emilstahl · Partner
Wow. More expensive than what I had imagined.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithPro@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@emilstahl hmm. yes, pretty expensive for a limited number of redirects
William Richards
William RichardsMaker@wgrrrr · Founder at EasyRedir
@_jacksmith @emilstahl The clarify one thing about the number of redirects: we count each unique target as a redirect, regardless of the number of sources. So you could have 100 different domain names all pointing to a single target and that counts as one redirect.