Shipping for developers

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This is a simple RESTful API for the major US postal services that allows you to get real time shipping rates, address validation and print pre-paid shipping labels.
I took them up on their challenge of integrating in 15 minutes, and have been using them ever since. Delightful API/clients, support for a large number of services (though, no DHL).
I use them for StartupThreads. The alternatives to this are a bit difficult to work with. Once they get integrated in some of the big ecommerce platforms, they will explode.
Baller team too, e.g. the homie Justin Mares.

Forwarded us through 6 sales agents and the last one even didn't understand what we need (after 50 emails sent). Looking good from outside, bad inside.

Are not friendly at all.


good idea


sales agent are awful

Not friendly at all

YOU can also try this app too. its good for "shopping app" https://play.google.com/store/ap...