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Hello Product Hunt. It's so exciting to see our little side project take off. @Easylistr started as an exercise in Swift and seeing what Twitter's Fabric.io can do. But above all it was our love for using lists on Twitter. Our vision was to make a simple way to get to relevant tweets faster. It grew from there in ways we couldn't even imagine. Finally we decided to launch it and see what happens. We got some very useful feedback and we are already working on making our little product better. We would love to hear from you guys and gals. So if you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to drop us a line. Our thanks goes to the entire @Fabric team and a special thank you to @andypiper for all the support.
It looks like a neat and cool app. Straightforward and simple, letting us unlock the power of our Twitter lists. Thank you for making it I would really like a search bar on the top though. I just want to starting typing `Coo` and have my `Cool Apps` list show up Going one step further, if I am able to type `easyli` and I am notified that `Easylistr` user is in my `Cool Apps` and `Product Hunt apps` lists, that would be rad!
@ankushdharkar Thanks Ankush :) The search bar on top idea is actually a great suggestion. Especially for those who have a lot of lists. Great. Putting it on the roadmap. We were already thinking about taking the predictive search thing to another level... Thanks for the suggestions. I hope Easylister serves you well :)
Nice. Would love to be able to reorder the list of lists for the ones you check most frequently.
@burger πŸ‘Š thanks for the suggestion. That's a good one. Putting it on the roadmap 😊
@burger I can say that using@Easylistr with sorted lists is faster. That said, we have added this feature. It will be awailable for subsribers soon. Let us know if you want beta, when it is awailable. Or subscibe http://www.startapps.co.uk/easyl...
I was searching for something similar, but on Android, maybe I should build it myself. Or maybe just buy an iPhone.But really great apps, Twitter List are so underrated!
@tsunaze thank :) We still have a few things on iOS first, but then we will focus our efforts on making Easylistr for Android.
@igorbogdanovski Yes of course, but if you say that Fabric is that good. I'm going to give it a try :)
@tsunaze indeed you should πŸ˜„
@tsunaze if it helps, take a look at our blog we have written about using @fabric https://medium.com/easylistr
Hey happy people :) We just made our first major update. You can now sort your lists in whatever way you want. We got a lot of great suggestions so we decided to re-make our road map. This is the first of many updates to come. Thanks for all your downloads, support and great suggestions. We really appreciate it. Keep them coming and we'll keep making our little Twitter companion app better :)