EasyLetter for iOS

Create perfect letters for your business or private purposes

EasyLetter is the efficient way to create letters on iOS and macOS. Writing a well-formatted letter can be tedious. Especially when in a rush, you don't want to deal with formatting – you just want to start writing and being productive having a great result.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! In December 2019 I launched a first very basic and macOS-only version of EasyLetter. It became #3 Product of the Day and it was amazing to receive all the feedback from you. Months went by, EasyLetter gained many new users around the globe and evolved into a much more versatile app. Constantly evaluating and prioritizing user feedback led to the biggest achievement: The new version for iOS, which enables you to create, edit and send letters on the go including all features of the macOS version. New features alongside the iOS support are: • 🖼Letterhead - Add a custom logo to your letter • 📝 Multi-page documents - Create documents with multiple pages • 🖌 Sign and annotate - Use the annotate function in iOS to sign letters • 📒 Address Book integration - Import contact information from your Address Book • 📑 Multiple documents - Manage multiple letters within the document browser • 🖨 Printing - Print documents directly from the app • 🌩 iCloud - Synchronizing documents between all devices Please check the website for more detailed information. 🎁 Additionally I would like to give away some free download codes for the App Store: iOS: MJ6M66RTRLHH RAPP4HJWW3TE ERN369KE3EWT KFJ4R3633ENT 44LXJ9KPN4XH macOS: 3JKT4HWRKY43 MX7PXKJ6K4LL E4WKKY67TLKT Y6AM6TTJTWAL W3XTWKX3FNEH I am really looking forward to get your feedback on this!
@brixfelix Darn I missed a code
Richtiger Ansatz! Leider für uns als Firma noch nicht 100 % benutzbar: - Keine Formatierung wie Größe, Kursiv, Fett, Einzug (Blockschrift?) möglich (Tabellen wären natürlich auch nice) - Keine Schriftartauswahl (non plus ultra wäre natürlich eine eigene Font hochzuladen) - Hochgeladenes Logo lässt sich nicht in der Größe verändern - Upload für die Fußzeile ermöglich oder den kompletten Upload eines Briefkopfs - Anbindung an Druckdienstleister z.B letterxpress?
@thementalist Hey, thank you for the comment! I am gonna reply in english: The logo upload provides the full size which is: 205 x 22 mm for the DIN 5008 (A) layout or 205 x 40 mm for the DIN 5008 (B) layout. If you create your letterhead according to this dimensions it will use the full size of the available space. Choosing a font type and some additional formatting options will be available in one of the upcoming updates. The distribution via third parties is an idea I already got, but not working on yet. This is something which will maybe come in the future.