Mac menu bar app to help access your important files fast

Simple Mac menu bar app that lets you easily access your most important and frequently used files, folder or apps FAST with just a shortcut

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Hello everyone, I am happy to launch EasyFinder on product hunt. EasyFinder is a simple lightweight mac menu bar app that enables you to access your most important and frequently used files FAST via keyboard shortcuts. I was facing this constant problem of having to either go into finder and navigate the maze of folders to get to my files which I use every day. Or I would use Mac's Spotlight feature (which I feel is great) but I have to type file's name first few characters every time I have to open it. I noticed that Spotlight also keep adjusting and adapting (I think it is by design based on our use) its search so sometimes the same characters will bring my file as the first result while sometimes not. I tried finding apps that will enable me to do get to my files quickly. If possible I would lean more towards keyboard shortcuts than a mouse as I feel it is fast and doesn't hamper my flow. I searched and found a few apps which had the same theme of bookmarking our files in the menu bar. Most of them worked well but they didn't quite satisfy my main pain point which was, get to my files fast and with just keyboard shortcut. Also, other apps had options for bookmarking as many files or folders. I (we) only have a handful of files which are important and which we access them every day. So I built EasyFinder for myself to solve this particular problem. So here are the main features: 1️⃣ EasyFinder lets you add limited but important files in different categories Personal, Work and Others 2️⃣ Open EasyFinder with just a shortcut (you can do it by clicking on its icon in the menu bar too if you like using mouse over speed ;) ) and open your file by pressing the number on your keyboard, which is listed against your file you are want to open 3️⃣ EasyFinder keeps track of your file properties of changes. If you manually change the name of your file/folder or even move the file to a different folder, then next time you open EasyFinder it will reflect the changes After using EasyFinder for a while and having distributed it to a few people who found it useful, I am releasing it to everyone. Not too many bells and whistles, as I was trying to keep it simple but then designing something to be simple is the hardest thing to do :). Hope EasyFinder helps you too. If it brings even a little more productivity to your everyday life, I would be happy. So if you like it, then please share it with your friends and family and of course please let me know your feedback. My correct twitter handle is not getting reflected here on PH so please send me DM or tag me in your post to share your experience. @prashantnigam_ @easyfinderapp Prashant Nigam
Great job!!😊 Could you add it for Windows too would be really useful as this is quite needed than opening folders each time to access it.
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush. I haven't done research whether an app is already available in windows for this purpose. I will definitely look into it
@ayush_chandra Yes I can relate and accessing same few folders multiple times a day is what made me think of creating this app in the first place
A great way to structure content! Would be useful for a device with multiple users - allowing them to easily classify relevant content to them 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan. I will definitely try to have multi-user functionality in one of my future releases. Great suggestion.
@prashantbuddy Looking forward to it 👍
@lynna_nguyen Thank you so much Lynna
After adding folders to Personal for example, and clicking on Work or Others and then back to Personal, the folders I have added disappear. Did I do anything wrong?
@truphotos Hi Truphotos, just for future readers I want to close loop on this query. Like we discussed on twitter DM, turned out it was not an issue in the app. Thanks so much for working with me to debug issue and ultimately figuring out that since app was being opened from downloaded package instead from Application folder which caused the issue