Easy WordPress Nginx

A command line script to make managing WordPress sites easy using Nginx, Docker. Supports Lets Encrypt SSL. Works on Mac and any *nix based OS.

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@rahul286 tell us the story here :)
@bentossell Back in 2009, we ran into problems when our blog network could not handle traffic it was receiving. That problem lead to NGINX and it worked wonders. At the same time, we started rtCamp, as a WordPress consultancy agency. We started offering managed WordPress-NGINX hosting to our clients. Over time, this service became popular and we found ourself doing repetitive tasks again and again. We decided to automate many of those tasks using bash scripts. One fine day, we packaged our scripts nicely and released in open-source as project EasyEngine, which is now used on 10,000+ live sites. :-)
@rahul286 oh nice! What issues have you come across, scaling up to 10,000+ sites?
@bentossell Just to clarify, not all sites are managed by us. I was talking about sites tracked by - http://trends.builtwith.com/fram... So far we did not face many issues. Notable one was decision to move from mysql (oracle) to percona. Percona didn't work on servers with less RAM, so many users ran into issues. This was solved after moving to MariaDB. Currently there are some hot feature requests which are not able to deliver because of current architecture. We hope things will become much better after current round of refactoring.
@rahul286 what are the most requested features and what will you prioritise building next?
@bentossell PHP7 and Nginx with HTTP2 are two most requested feature. PHP7 cannot be delivered as PHP7 package is not present on all linux distributions we support. Apart from this, currently we have no way of running different PHP versions per WordPress site. So if a site runs into issues with PHP7, it will affect all sites. Nginx with HTTP2 is not part of nginx-stable release. It's part of nginx mainline. And if we switch to mainline version, the switch will affect all sites as currently there is no way to choose packages. As part of refactoring, we will be making EasyEngine modular. After that we will be able to support more variation of package versions and OS/distributions. In fact, users will be able to develop and distribute EasyEngine packages that will do certain things. So rather than approaching a single issue in particular, we are working on a modular architecture and a package management/distribution system. It will solve many feature requests automatically.
Have been using them for the past few months for a lot of sites and all of them are really good :) BTW i will be excited to know how you fare against serverpilot.io :)
@h_halvi serverpilot.io is altogether different product. I think when EasyEngine web interface releases, it will be something that can be compared to serverpilot.io. I am not aware how serverpilot.io creates WordPress sites. May be you can benchmark it with a WordPress site created using EasyEngine.
Looks nice, similar to serverpilot that can be for any php site https://www.serverpilot.io/?refc... (link with $10 free for you), I've been using it for more than a year and love it! and they have php7, I think about it as my own sysadmin ,)
@deambulando I already answered how it differs from serverpilot.io in comment above. :-) EasyEngine is more of developer/sysadmin tool. Apart from creating sites, it also makes debugging performance related issues easier - http://wordpress.tv/2015/07/17/r... We also have some features related to development/deployment workflow automation in upcoming version - https://easyengine.io/roadmap/