Gmail plug-in that helps you write emails quickly

EasyEmail is a Gmail tool that helps you write emails very quickly. It learns from your inbox and quickly suggests what you should write based on your previous responses.

EasyEmail saves you time on replying to repetitive emails. We've already helped our users with almost 700 emails!

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20 Reviews4.8/5
Thanks so much for hunting us, Chris! Hey Product Hunt! I’m Fil, and together with Lambert and Matt we’re working on EasyEmail - a plug-in that helps you write emails quickly. Our plug-in learns from what you said in the past to predict what you'll say next - and you can add it to you email with just a keystroke We started working on EasyEmail when I was organizing a career fair for 450 companies and 6k people. I quickly learned that sending 300+ emails a day takes A LOT of time. When we started looking into solving this issue, we were shocked to find how repetitive we are over email - so now we help you find those repetitive sentences and add them to your draft quickly. A few pro-tips: - Click “Control Panel” and “Your stats” to find some cool stats on your email usage. If it’s empty right now, that’s because you just installed us! From now on, we’ll give you accurate stats daily. - You can easily delete suggestions you don’t like by hitting the x on the dropdown. - You can add suggestions by hitting the little plus button at the bottom of the dropdown - You can also add hotkeys: also hit the plus button and go to the “hotkey” tab. If you use some text repetitively, you can save it there! You can easily invoke it by writing a colon + title, e.g. :install. I saved a link to our product, a description of our product and a description of our team! Really stoked to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
@filip_twarowski Wow this is pretty cool, downloading now. Obsessed with any tools that can save me time ⏱
@abadesi Awesome! Let me know if there's anything we could do better, and we'll get right on it!
@filip_twarowski does it support other languages?
@ferminrp We focus on English right now as most of our algorithms are for English. The baseline of the product should work, but can't promise it'll be as good! We'll be working on that in the near future
I love this product - and love that it gets better everyday :)

I think Fil and the rest of the team are onto something pretty cool! I've been using it for a couple weeks, and while it's not exactly a gamechanger as of yet, it's a convenient and helpful tool.


Easy to use, quick to integrate, helps with repetitive emails and templates requiring slight customization.


Sometimes you get issues around line breaks and spacing after commas etc, causing unwanted phrases to be suggested. Rare though

I've managed my emails quite well without a tool, however Easyemail can really make things easier. It is very simple to use and it saves you time (...and nerves). I haven't used it a lot, but it is certainly a recommendation.


Simple to use, useful, helps me to be more productive



Now if only EasyMail could respond to email entirely without my input. 🤔 When will Molly be able to do this, @chrismessina!?
@rrhoover Working on it! @chrismessina Knowing how awesome team at @Molly is, probably very very soon
@rrhoover @molly @filip_twarowski we've had many conversations and swapped many ideas so far about an EasyMail + Molly tie-in. 😁