A one-click ephemeral database

EasyDB is a one-click, hosted database provider. We give you a database for the programming language of your choice, you build something cool. It’s that simple.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt! We built EasyDB because we wanted a lightning fast, ultra simple way to store data. We hope you like it as much as we do!
This would be great for my next hackathon ;p
Slick! What are people using EasyDB for so far?
@kunalslab We think it's awesome for: - Serverless - Hackathons - Prototyping
You have 1 day of use before you must register. Your screenshot says "Expires after 3 days" for your DB. Does that mean that after you register your DBs are still short lived? Is that was makes it ephemeral?
@andrewgene A database created without an account is live for 1 day. If you link it to an account, we give you 3. After that, you can upgrade to a persistent DB through the dashboard.
@realjakecooper when someone upgrade to the monthly 5$ plan, is it for one DB or unlimited number of DB?
No fancy ui, no blah blah!!! damn simple!!! good job