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Sports pools. Pick winning teams for cash.

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As an avid lover of fantasy football, I'm happy to be hunting Easy Streak today! Although, paid fantasy sports are illegal in 5 states, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Montana, and Washington... Easy Streak is a 100% legal & easy to use alternative! Easy Streak hosts Sports Pool where fans pick teams not fantasy players for cash prizes. Cash prizes are paid out by winning 1-7 day contests and monthly by climbing the leaderboard collecting points from winning contests, inviting friends, logging in daily. All you have to do is join a contest, pick the winner of each game, and claim your prize!
@jackplantin it's fun and way better than daily fantasy for people that don't know all the players but like to bet on sports! I know the maker Nobel, and I'm a paying subscriber. Great app! 😂
Thank you @jackplantin for hunting us down, @caseydkerr for your kind words, and @Nivo0o0 for featuring us! Nobel and I built this app with 2 goals in mind: 1. To take away the work of managing your pools with friends, family, and coworkers by hand. 2. To allow people who are sports fans a way to engage with the sports they love but don't have the 8 hours a week it takes on average to play Fantasy Sports. Easy Streak is the next evolution of fantasy sports without the restrictions that exist for Daily Fantasy Companies. I am happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have, so ask away! Finally, thank you to Everyone at Product Hunt for letting us to be here and especially @rrhoover.
Thanks @producthunt @jackplantin @Nivo0o0 for hunting Easy Streak! We are very excited to bring Easy Streak to you all. We approached the app with the mindset of simplicity. Sports fans enter into public contest in the lobby and choose the winning teams. The more correct picks, the higher the chance of winning the prizes. It's very easy, see for yourself! We look forward to hearing your comments. Any feedback is welcome! Enter "producthunt" as a referral code and get 10 points towards the monthly leaderboard! We are paying out $500 to the top 20 players at the end of the month! Play on, Nobel Chang, CIO of Easy Streak visit www.easystreak.com for more info
Product Hunters! When you join the app, keep a look out for a contest we made just for you titled "Product Hunt $" It's free to enter and you can take home cash money! Thanks for the support!
Hi Taylor. Thank you for your comment. Our business model is based off a sweepstakes model and have the review and approval of a law firm to make sure we are operating as such. This means we are not in the gambling realm because we don't meet the 3 elements required to make this gambling and won't impact the fight for making gambling legal (which I support as well). It also means that however the legal winds blow for the DFS community it does not affect us one way or the other. For whatever it is worth, the attorneys we worked with that say we are not gambling agree with you and consider DFS as gambling.
This appears to be straight gambling, which I really don't have a problem with but somebody might. Please advise...
@bryansarnold the app is free to download and has two types of contests, which are either free contests or paid contests. The free contests are free for any user to participate in and if they win that contest they get points towards the leaderboard. At the end of every month the top 20 users with the most points in the leaderboard win a piece of the monthly cash give away, which at the moment is $500. The paid contests give points toward the monthly leaderboard and immediate cash to the winner(s) of the contest once that contest is completed. However, the paid contests require the user to have tokens to enter. In order for a user to get tokens and win cash in daily contests they need to be a paid subscriber. The subscription is weekly and can be canceled at any time. For more info on the subscription tiers and their pricing visit www.EasyStreak.com/select-plan or feel free to reach out to us.
@bryansarnold Hi Bryan thanks for your question. The short answer is our business model is based off a sweepstakes model. There are 3 elements that all must exist to be gambling: 1. Risk something of value 2. Chance (what the DFS industry is arguing currently they don't have because it's skill) 3. Prize Because we have the sweepstakes model we removed the first element "Risk something of value". This allows us to be in all 50 states (DFS is not legal in 6 almost 7 states) and do things the DFS world can't like escalate the prizes based on the number of entrants.
@bryansarnold Hi Bryan. How are you liking the app? Need help setting up?
@nobelchang reviewing it now. I'll let you know if I run into a snag.
@bryanthetech thanks for the clarification! 👍