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We’ve designed a collection of creative and professional resume templates to help you stand out from the crowd.
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These are pretty nice templates! Are employers finally coming around to the idea of well-designed resumes?
@noops I've visually updated my resume recently and spread it around. So far people have said they liked that there was effort put into the design even if it's subtle so this is great!!
It was incredibly easy to use! I just picked a template that I liked, filled out the appropriate information, and had a professional resume easily accessible online. I also like that the templates, the examples, and the blog help answer important questions that most people always have about how to create a great resume.
Really great templates that are simple to use! I have such hard time getting the spacing, formatting and sizing correctly in docs to get everything to fit on one page. This makes that whole process so much easier.
@rohitsahay ER is an awesome tool, congrats! Checked your templates as well, nice! How about an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? Send me a message to paul_AT_startupradius.com if interested.
It would be nice if we could customize the font family of the template. I really like the Pelhalm theme but there is no way I would submit my resume with that font on top.