Easter Egg Peg

Challenging minimal puzzle game just in time for Easter.


Neil Sarkar
@neil_sarkar · Founder, Super Serious Company
Founder of Super Serious Company here, thanks for the shoutout Lauren! A little backstory: Santi is a surfer who lived in a van and I was his boss at Tinder. A few months ago we quit our jobs, moved to Portugal, and started this bootstrapped company. I’ve been obsessed with games since my first Nintendo, and after 10 years in the tech industry we were able… See more
Adam Kopec
@akopec · Design Director @HODINKEE
This is game is........................................... eggselent.
Steph Bagley
@stephbags · COO @ Charity Miles
Loving this super simple game from the Super Serious Company. Hooks you fast and you definitely want to keep playing to find out what else you can do. Awesome work @neilsarkar!
Francis Kim
@franciskim_co · Software Hacker & Growth Engineer
✌️ Awesome! Added to: https://www.producthunt.com/@fra...
Lauren Leto
@laurenleto · SELF
Easter! Fun! Egging things! Will there be a Devil's Night version of this game?