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Thanks for the hunt Murat! Hi everyone! We’re really excited to be launching Easle on Product Hunt Easle is an online platform to discover and hire hand-picked independent artists. Think the quality curation of dribbble meets an all-in-one freelancer service, allowing small to medium businesses to commission artists for murals, branding work, packaging designs, t-shirts, album covers etc. What makes us different from what’s out there? We vet our artists by sourcing the help of industry leading ambassadors and promote our artistic community by curating groups with similar styles, as well as producing editorial and interviews of our roster. Alongside this our other key feature is our unique conversational contract system allowing the full project process to be carried out within one conversation in real time. Negotiation, proposals and payments all take place in the chat so both artist and business can keep track of progress and paperwork really easily. Easle is built with a vision to give more control to independent artists by cutting out the middle man of talent agencies (and their high fees). We want businesses and artists to form lasting, direct relationships with one another. We will achieve this by making it as easy as possible to discuss about what they want made, while we handle the admin. We've currently got 90+ vetted illustrators from around the world. We'll be rolling out into new creative disciplines in the near future. I’d love to hear everyone's thoughts. I’ll be around all day to answer any questions! Thanks for checking us out 🎉🎉 Scott
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This looks bloody excellent! As an ex-freelancer, this is solving a very real issue to help me manage future clients - wish I had this a few years back...! I'd be interested to know if you're planning on expanding into other mediums in the future? Would be very interested in this platform for photography!
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@sam_piggott Thanks so much Sam!! Yes we're planning to slowly roll out into new disciplines once we're happy our current artists on there are settled in. We're growing slowly so we can nurture each discipline and create a real sense of community. Photography is definitely on the cards, we're gauging what disciplines people are aching for and we'll make a big buzz about our next set of talent coming onboard. Hope to see you on there!
Thanks for the hunt Murat!! excited to show the world what we've been working 🎉🎉
This looks beautiful. Question though, why do you have to apply to be a client on the site? Seems like a long process that could slow growth...
@seffa121 Hi Yousif! Thank for the kind words! At this point in time our priority is to offer decent, high quality work for artists we bring onboard. We've seen on other platforms that briefs that get posted by the general public can lead to budgets that undervalue artists that frankly, deserve more. Client applications get approved within 5 minutes, but it just gives us an indicator that they are serious about hiring someone rather than posting a lot of false leads. Hope this helps!
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@woodenwoody great reply! Thank you & good luck guys!
@woodenwoody @seffa121 Makes a lot of sense. Works well for @Hired and creates the caliber of both clients and artists we all want. Love it!
Btw Any idea when you'll support animators?? We could have saved hours of hunting for creatives using something like this
@npearsonwright Hi Nick, thanks for reaching out . We're hoping to support Animators by the end of the summer. In the meantime, we've got a ton of talented illustrators who also create their own animation in the form of GIFS. For example, Katty - https://easle.co/kattyhuertas | Toby - https://easle.co/tobymelvillebrown | Cloè https://easle.co/cloe have all done amazing stuff. Hope this helps!!
@woodenwoody Awesome, thanks! Some really quality illustrators on here. Looking forward to giving it a whirl for some of our content
@npearsonwright Sweet! See you on there! :)