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#4 Product of the DayAugust 11, 2015
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Oh I know easel.ly, I had used it like 3 years ago when infographics where trending! It was quite user friendly and had some great templates and creatives, I guess it's time to check on it again :)
Good to see Easel.ly back again! Guess it's time to start making infographics for Pinterest once again!
I have been using easel.ly for around 6 months and it is easy, visually pleasing and helps grab a reader visualize what data you are trying to convey
Template products suffer from reaching a tipping point: if they get too popular they cease to be impactful. A few years ago I saw a lot of easel.ly-generated infographics. It's good to see it crop up again so it can give birth to a whole new generation of infographics. :-)
Really nice it's the kind of tool I've been looking for a long time !