Incorporate studying into your daily routine. Record flashcards and study hands and eyes free through customizable and interactive study sessions using simple voice commands.
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I am an avid audiobook listener, and I've managed to find several places throughout my day to fit in listening where I would be otherwise occupied (e.g. cleaning, morning routine, etc.). I am not particularly good at memorizing, and when Navy flight school presented me what amounted to books full of information to memorize and retain, I decided I'd find a way to do it more efficiently. Thus, my app began. It started as a basic Python script that let me make flashcard sets and study on the go using voice commands. I had friends who were interested in the idea, but who didn't want to deal with my crappy command line interface or a bunch of dependencies. Will I ever gain as much time back using this app as I put into it? Absolutely not. But it was really fun to see this project through all the way from conception to finally publishing on the Play Store. I know the market for study apps is relatively saturated (Quizlet and Memrise are excellent apps that definitely provided some inspiration), but I have yet to come across something that makes study sessions for recorded flashcards interactive in the same vein that Earworm does.
I will gladly give out promo codes for free ad removal to anybody who thinks they may use this app regularly! Just send me a DM.