Like air miles, but for walking.

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Alex, thanks for hunting us :-) We're very excited to introduce Earthmiles to the Product Hunt community. Earthmiles is a free app on iOS / Android available in the UK and the US. Although we are in beta in the US, there will be a fully customised US app very soon. Just like air miles for flying, you earn earthmiles for moving on the ground. Currently you can earn earthmiles for walking, running and cycling. Sync any of your favourite trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone, oor your native smartphone apps like Apple Health or S Health, to start earning. You'll find over 300 hand-picked brands offering unique rewards to spend your earthmiles on. We work with large well-known brands like Runners Need, USN and Planet Organic, and also small, high-quality SMEs you will love discovering. Rewards are added every couple days to keep users excited about what they could earn next. All the rewards are chosen to help improve your physical, mental, emotional well-being - everything in there is good for you! We especially enjoy supporting ethical and sustainable businesses on our platform. We look forward to your feedback.
I met the founders of Earthmiles at Google Campus London a couple of weeks ago after they were chosen as 1 of 10 Best of British Startups by Google. They've got a great team and the product is awesome. If you're using a fitness tracking app, there's really no reason you shouldn't be using Earthmiles too :)
Nice! What's the biggest/best reward you have on the app so far?
@neilcocker In value terms, right now it's probably the Reebok Spartan Races. The Beast is 22km and a ticket is £125 a pop. The Sprint is 5km and £87. They are worth 1,500 em and 1,000 em respectively! Where's the fun if its too easy eh? :) Normally rewards start at 150em so you can earn something in a few days of walking lots.
@_meghaprakash Wish I'd installed it before moving to Sofia. Walked and ran for 12 hours in the first 4 days!
Been using it for a month or so... Big fan of the concept, and the UX - especially since their last update! It's a great way to discover healthy products and save some money buying them - I like how it tells you exactly how much you'll save. The 'Stories' tab, delivering fitness- and health-related news, is a nice added touch.
@anthony_abitbol Hey Anthony, great to hear you are liking it so far. Glad you like the UX as its been a huge focus lately for us. We are making some more changes to the experience shortly to make it even easier to redeem rewards. Watch this space :)
Looks awesome, will give it a go. Can I still use the app if I don't have a tracker?
@louis_morgan Hey Louis. You absolutely can. You can either use an app native to your phone (like Apple Health for iPhones and Samsung Health for Samsung phones) or download a free app like Fitbit or Moves. They don't drain your battery and work in the background so that after syncing your app initially, you don't do anything new. Just keep walking and you will earn earthmiles. If you are a runner or cyclist, you could track with Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, etc. - again don't need a wearable, just a free app and a one-time sync!