Earnings Calls

Quarterly earnings calls in your pocket

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My girlfriend is going to hate this app so much because I'm going to just be listening to earnings calls in the car ALL THE TIME.
Hey y'all, I'm the maker of Earnings Calls. Let me know if you have questions/comments. Thanks for the hunt @turoczy!
@justinthiele great idea. For video calls, can the app display video?
@_jacksmith Yep! Check out the Netflix (NFLX) calls for a video example. Essentially, the app uses whatever mechanism the company chooses. Most companies use Nasdaq's player, which you can see in the second screenshot above. Netflix uses YouTube. Verizon uses SoundCloud.
Love this idea!
@bradhe Yay, thanks Brad!
What is the difference between a star and a plus?
@kmikeym I added UA to my queue but I starred AAPL... but I can't put them together. And I cant' find AMTD.
@kmikeym Essentially you star/follow stocks and you plus/queue calls. So, when you've starred a stock and they release a new call, you will get notified and the call will be added to your queue for listening. When you 'plus' a call, it just gets added to your queue. You won't be notified of new calls or anything. Does that make sense?
Oh, that makes total sense!
@kmikeym BTW, on the 'Settings' screen there is a link to request earnings calls to be added. Use that to request AMTD.