Hotel comparison site giving commission back to users

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Thanks for the add @petejanes - we were keen to build a product that could make booking hotels a more transparent activity by enabling users to compare prices easily and earn cashback, via our commission, whilst doing so, thus delivering value back to them. It's only the beginning of a long road tho, and any feedback on how we can improve the product / UX, etc would be greatly appreciated... Thanks for any upvotes
About time somebody did this - nice excecution!
I'm a regular user of cashback already, but it can be a real pain trying to find great deals on Hotel bookings! Always having to check out hotels on various sites before you know which one you're ultimately going to book with and then go back to find whether or not you can get cashback. Having all of this in one place makes perfect sense, I can see why this is going to be helpful to lots of people! Great work guys!